I make a good confession that this is my Season of Acceleration.
My journey towards God’s purpose is gaining Speed
Stagnation is not permitted in my life
The Lord multiplies rapidly my sown Seed
The ‘God-of-suddenlies’ caters to my every Need
My prayers are answered very rapidly
I am enjoying daily Provision
I am a sign and wonder in this Nation
I am a Mega Blessing to my generation
Wherever I go, Policies and rules are changed in my Favour
Miracles of Acceleration are commonplace in my life
In this season of Acceleration,
Breakthroughs that usually takes a long time come to pass quickly for me
I expect supernatural surprises from heaven
My worst days are behind me,
My best days are before me
God-speed is my portion
The Lord does a quick work of righteousness in my life.
I am a World Changer, winning souls and glorifying God wherever I go
I confess it, I believe it, I receive it, Now In Jesus name