Confession 2017

I confess boldly that restoration is mine.
The Lord restores to me everything I have lost.
I am taking back what the devil stole from me.
I receive restoration of Joy, health, peace and prosperity.
Because I possess the wealth of the wicked in my righteous hands
I find lost Money, receive unexpected bank alerts, surprises by mail, and accelerated promotion
I receive cheques with many Zeros behind the first number
I claim Favor, Honor, increased assets, recognition, prominence, preferential treatment and petitions granted.
Policies and rules are changed in my Favor
In the marketplace, I am first among equals and second to non.
Things are getting better for me.
My life is improving on every side.
I experience all round Restoration this very day.
I boldly declare that my worst days are over, my best days have just begun
I receive it in Jesus name.



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